Best Friends

Rad Wiggler


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These little folks may seem insignificant, but in reality they provide a wealth of resources to the soil they inhabit. Big supporters of their plant friends, earthworms act as delivery drivers and plumbers, bringing nutrients and removing excess water from the neighbourhood. While the worms keep to themselves most days, it’s during rain storms that they really like to party (and they don’t even need to bring a date)! If you see them in your neck of the ground, you know you’re gonna have a good time! Just don’t call ‘em spineless, or you’ll really learn what opening a can of worms is all about!

Made with vintage fabric and Melton wool, safety eyes.

These soft action figures are not a toy, not suitable for young children.

Designed and handmade by Kami Goertz. Do not copy.

Only 2 left in stock

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