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King Oyster


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King oyster mushroom plush soft action figure

King Oyster
(Pleurotus eryngii)

Ruling a criminal network extending below even the seediest underbellies of the cities, King is more than simply a title. A lifetime spent climbing to the top of the tree trunk by mastering the art of procuring various and sundry items, King Oyster has risen from the soil to become a key player in all things shady.
King Oyster is In it simply for the love of the “game”. He won’t stab you in the back, but he will pick your pocket.

Featuring posable limbs!

This listing is for ONE mushroom character.

These mushroom companions are one of a kind and made without a pattern, no two will be identical, just as in nature!

This soft action figure is not a toy, not suitable for young children.

Designed and hand made by Kami Goertz.
Do not copy.

Out of stock

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