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Well May has come and gone and I’ve completed my 3rd year of the MAYSHROOM challenge! I first discovered this art challenge via Instagram from @amandamarabelart #amandasmayshroom, who was inspired by @samguayart who started the @mayshroomofficial.

This year I decided to create my very own list for the challenge using the hashtag #kamismayshroom2023 to keep track, and to see if anyone else wanted to follow along!

The idea was to explore a number of mushrooms that I had never made before and some that I had never heard of so it would be a creative and learning challenge, and boy was it ever fun!

I created 23 new characters and am feeling proud and inspired! I really have to thank all the folks that cheer me on and are keen to add something new and ridiculous to their collections!

I also wanted to look back on past MAYSHROOMS to see how far I’ve come and how many mushrooms I’ve explored! Below are from 2022 and 2021.



I can already see how much more organized I’ve become since then, which is a huge part of learning and growing by business! I didn’t even have an official list, or have every mushroom in the final photos!

I’m excited to keep this as an annual challenge, considering how ENDLESS the variety of mushrooms on this planet seems to be! I don’t think I will run out of inspiration!

Thanks to each and ever one who follows along this journey with me, I couldn’t do it without you! 😉

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